A very special English lesson

Yesterday, we had a special guest in our English class: Mr. Mark Bellamy, a good friend of Mr. Lintzmeyer, came to visit. Mark is from Brisbane but has been living in Germany for about seven years. He came to Germany because of his job. He speaks a bit of German and perfect English.

He talked to us about the Australian culture, landscape, and the school system. He also brought a didgeridoo, which is a traditional Australian instrument a bit like an alp horn.

He told us about his past. In Australia, he grew up on a farm, so he was homeschooled, just like we heard about in our English lessons. I think that the school in Australia is very different to Germany.

He also told us some interesting facts. Apparently, kangaroo meat tastes not too bad. But the best food he talked about was “Schnitti and Chips” which is schnitzel with fries.

He also wanted to know a bit about our hobbies and what we do. Some were scared of speaking English to him, but he said that if he is brave enough to talk German, we should definitely feel comfortable speaking English.

It was cool to hear about Australia from someone from there!

Authors: Class 9a